Personal lending Solutions

If you need a personal loans approved quickly, your payers have been answered! At Fmpq we specialise in lending solutions that not only meet our customers need but also their time-frames. Australians these days can often find themselves in a pinch where the only solution is a quick cash injection. That’s where we come in with our stream-lined application process taking away the hassle and getting you approved in less than 24 hours.


Debt Consolidation

As mentioned in the recent article debt consolidation Australia debt consolidation can help you avoid the negative consequences of losing control of your finances, escape the difficulty of juggling your credit cards and bank loans, and the embarrassment of asking for help from friends or family. Start your unsecured personal loan online application today by using our simple and quick to use repayment calculator to find out how much you can borrow.


‘I was shocked to find out just how far I’d fallen behind on my credit cards. Thankfully I contacted Fmpq about personal loans as I had heard they were experts in debt consolidation and much to my relief they told me that I was in safe hands. In less than 24 hours my loan was approved and I was able to breathe again. My low easy-to-manage repayments mean I can continue living the life I want to live.’-  Jackson Michaels